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Even with the mistakes, we created a powerful internet ministry; you can create one, too. Even as the internet has grown in popularity and importance in daily life, many churches and other Christian organizations remain hesitant to start a real internet ministry.

Fortunately, most organizations now understand the need for at least an informational website. That is helpful, but it is a bit like driving a car around and never taking it out of first gear. It helps some, but it is far from utilizing its full potential. Below are ten common reasons cited for not having a web ministry.

Each excuse includes a response that may be helpful to you as you advocate for and educate the organization's leaders about internet ministry.

Why Web Ministry? Countering the Top Ten Excuses

It is correct that our churches and Christian organizations do not need web ministries to function. But they do need web ministries to be more effective and to reach more people, which we all should want to do according to our missions and capabilities. God has allowed us access to this powerful communication tool, so we should apply it appropriately to enhance our mission. Just as Jesus stood in a boat or on a hillside to help people see and hear him better, we should use available resources to help others see God and hear God speak and minister through our organizations. Also, since the internet has become an integral part of life for many people, they now expect organizations to have websites.

In most cases, not having at least a simple website is like not listing your organization in the telephone book or not having a sign in front of your building. We commonly hear from people whose first exposure to our church was through our church's website. More people every day look to the internet as their primary source of all information, and that includes looking for a church.

Your website is quite likely the first view people will have of your organization and should give them a taste of what they can expect when they visit. Here is one example: A husband and wife were making plans to move to Ohio. As they searched the web for information on communities and churches, they found our church website.

Based on the information and features on our website, they made the decision to move into our area just so they could attend our church. We assumed that they initially read the basic information about our church that should be on any church website- location, worship times, pastor's biography, and so on. But they told us that, instead of these, they began looking at our ministry features. They began viewing our video sermons each week and digging deeper.

They also saw event information, prayer requests, Bible studies, and daily devotions. By the time they arrived at the door of our church, many of the common barriers that newcomers face in assimilating into the church were gone.

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Participating in our church online made them feel as though they had already attended our church even before they arrived in our area. It was the online ministry that ministered to them and led them to attend in person. For many people, the issue is fear of the unknown and the dark side of the internet.

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Through newspapers and television, we hear of an internet filled with pornography, hate groups, computer viruses, spam, and scams. Sin abounds on the public internet just as it does in other forms of public communication. The sin and evil found on the internet are all the more reason for every church to have a website.

Social Media in Government: Benefits, Challenges, and How it’s Used

Jesus hung out with those who sinned and who did not believe. Each church should be where the needy people are found. We want our web ministry to be right in the midst of the sin-filled websites that we hear about. For example, we want our church webpages intermingled with links to the sin-filled webpages because people who go to an internet search engine looking for meaning or answers or fun will perhaps click our website link instead of others.

We ought to be where people in need are, and many of them are on the internet. Clearly, not every church is called to produce a huge, fully web-empowered online ministry. Some organizations are called to transport hundreds of children to church in a bus ministry; others to set up a large shelter for the homeless; others to set up mission trips; and others to help young, unwed mothers.

Different organizations are called to different missions based on their gifts and resources as well as the people they serve. I conducted web-ministry training in North Carolina, and afterward a pastor came up to me. He told me they have no indoor bathroom at his church and only recently got electricity to their building. Based on his situation and the people he serves, we both agreed that the bathroom was far more important than a website at this point.

Discipleship Ministries | Church Media & Communications Job…

I was also blessed to correspond via email with a pastor in Africa. None of the people he serves have a computer or internet access. But, in my view, his ministry is web empowered.

He has internet access and uses the internet to learn and grow in Bible knowledge and leadership. He also uses the internet to communicate with mission groups who come to his community to serve. These situations are less common circumstances for those reading this book; however, they do illustrate and remind us that we should use internet features when and where they fit.

For most of you, a website is essential, and a web ministry is valuable.

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Far too often, I hear things like, "We created our website a long time ago, but it is totally out of date and we don't look at it," or "The person who built the website left the church and we can't even change it. Not good. Orthodoxe Catholique D'Orient PDF Memento social ePub. PDF Nina au paradis Download.

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