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Her youngest, Ramiro Fauve, a singer-songwriter and outstanding artist continues to create music with her.

Suni currently splits time between Nevada and Los Angeles, California. Suni's mission is use her singing and playing to disseminate the rich cultures of the Americas through the lyrics, rhythms, and indigenous instruments such as the charango, caja, and bombo, thereby building a bridge between cultures.

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Suni began writing her own lyrics and setting to music some of her concerns in order to give a voice to the silent and forgotten ones. She has sung in communities, schools, at rallies and marches, and later at colleges, universities,and festivals in the United States, Latin America and Europe. In , Suni met Dr. Ada was interested in having her lyrics set to music and recorded by Suni. Alma Flor Ada.

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The trio became a quartet. She has just published her own collection of short stories and anecdotes about growing up in Argentina and has an upcoming release about her life in Chile. Capsule shaped usb drive filled with 9 hours of sounds. Limited edition of copies. Summer Silly Waves is an audio-fanzine which consists of a compilation of radio shows from different underground radio stations, music, sound art pieces, dj sessions and some unclassifiable experiments.

Since , in charge of art direction; posters and flyers design for special music events. The video, produced with the support of the Spanish Embassy in Germany, presents a collection inspired by number 13, generally considered to be unlucky, and includes music from Ex Models, a project by the musician and producer Hugo Capablanca.

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Alkomerz This viral video was recorded in the streets of Berlin during the winter of Participants spontaneously assembled after an open call via Internet, radio and other social networks. During several hours, people walked along the busiest streets in Berlin wearing only Bomber jackets.

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In charge of art direction, graphic design, hosting, music programming and audiovisual production for V. This series of themed parties have been taking place in different night clubs in Madrid with the participation of international artists, musicians and other cultural rabble-rousers.

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Each party focused on a particular theme and developed a specific creative concept through music, video creation, performance, nightlife and great fun. This brand specializes in vintage designer items inspired by old Socialist imagery. December In charge of the art direction, audiovisual creation and both flyer and poster design for this music event.

Responsible for the design of visuals and settings for different music events, audiovisual performances, life-visuals, video jockeying and video installations. The M. Fast Gallery. Exhibition happenings.

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Collaborating since Projects included the design of the corporate identity, posters, typography and illustrations. As one of the founder members of this group, I actively participated in the concept creation and image design of each of these projects.

Fast Gallery is dedicated to facilitate collective artistic experiences and explore new exhibition formats by using multi-disciplinary and convergent techniques. Jeans Team. Audiovisual performance for Experimentaclub Festival.

Both the concept and the acting were developed combining two experimental music sessions which took place during two different days within the festival duration. Two-page illustration for JHH Fanzine 1. Eco 1 Electronic Music Festival. In charge of corporate identity, logo, posters and hand programmes design.