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And dreams do come true. Kelly, Sascha and Chris talk to you about classical music whilst making you laugh. The second bios are back with a vengeance, and this time it's all about Russians and also about sensual frappuccinos and asparagus. More on that later. We promise it won't just be jokes about Mozart. Oh yeah and some German rap. Music featured in this episode: "Cello Concerto No. Rank 1: Apple Special Event, March Rank 2: Apple Announces iPad.

Apple today announced iPad, a revolutionary device for browsing the web, reading and sending email, enjoying photos, watching videos, listening to music, playing games, reading e-books and much more. Selected Duets for Flute Podcast Updated 7 days ago. Read more. Share this podcast:. I am so happy to have found this.

List of compositions by Johann Joachim Quantz

I just started learning the flute as an adult about a month ago. Music is not innate to me. This is extremely helpful in helping me sound more musical. Also, it has given me a bar, perhaps unattainable, to strive to reach n terms of tone. Good practice pieces. Nice playing. Best All. Rank 1: Page38 4, Duetto No. Several times the word "dolce" is used as an expression marking. Dolce translates to the English word "sweet" and generally indicates a gentle, smooth, singing style. Dec 07 2mins. Rank 2: Page5 5, Moderato.

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This piece is marked Moderato, which means at a moderate tempo. I've always thought of this duet as sounding somewhat like a processional. May 11 1min. Rank 3: Page21 15, Allegro con spirito. This duet is marked "Allegro con spirito", or fast with spirit. It features a sort of musical "cascade effect", where the flute 1 part plays several repeated notes and the flute 2 part starts on the same note, then moves in a descending line.

Selected Duets for Flute Vol. 2

Aug 03 1min. Rank 4: Page27 3, Gigue. This gigue is in the same style as the previous two duets. The "question and answer" sections in the last part of the duet often present a rhythmic challenge for a student. The teacher needs to emphasize counting the 3 beats that make up the dotted quarter note plus the 2 that make up the tied quarter note in the next measure. Sep 07 1min.

W. F. Bach: Duet No.4 for two flutes

Rank 5: Page12 2, Italian Rustic Dance. This duet is entitled "Italian Rustic Dance".

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It's played at a lively tempo with many "staccato", or "detached" notes. Jun 15 Rank 6: Page49 3, Duett. Although primarily known for his operatic works, Hasse wrote many flute pieces for Frederick the Great Frederick II of Prussia , himself an enthusiastic flutist who composed sonatas for flute as well. Feb 15 1min.

Rank 7: Page7 8, Grazioso. This piece is marked Grazioso and is similar to the duet with the same tempo marking on page 5. It should be played "with grace" or "gracefully".


Selected Flute Duets

Notice the contrary motion in several of the measures, particularly in the "A" section, which help to give the duet a "strong" sound. Jun 01 1min. Rank 8: Page26 2, Gigue. This duet continues the group of duets by the composer Boismortier. Again, the flute one part states a short melodic theme alone at the beginning of the piece, followed by the second flute part beginning with the same short theme, now harmonized by the first flute.

Aug 31 1min. Rank 9: Page4 3, Allegro. Like the first duet in this series, this duet should be played in a bright cheerful manner. Apr 27 1min. Like the previous duets entitled "Menuet" this is a spelling variation on the word "Minuet". These two minuets are both in the key of C, the second one does not change key to the parallel minor, as the previous pair of minuets did.

The prolific Boismortier, the composer of all the duets in this section of the Selected Duets book, wrote often for the flute. He even wrote a flute method book that unfortunately is now lost. Oct 05 1min. Rank Page13 4, Menuet. This duet is entitled "Menuet". It's a spelling variation on the word "Minuet".

Duetto no VI, Op​.​101 - Haydn (2 flutes)

Jun 29 Rank Page29 6, Rustic Dance. Cut time usually implies a fast tempo. It's often used in marches. It's also often used in show tunes, especially during dance sections. The duet lives up to its name by effectively invoking images of a rustic dance. Sep 28 1min. Rank Page5 4, Grazioso. This piece is marked Grazioso, which means "with grace" or "gracefully". It should be played smoothly and with a certain elegance. May 04 Rank Page13 3, Jigg. The duet is entitled "Jigg". It's a spelling variation on the word "Jig". They are played in a light manner.

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That is, where you are heavily accenting 2 beats to a measure, the first and the fourth beats. Jun 22 1min. These 2 minuets have the same key relationship as the two duets on page 28, the first one is in the key of C and the second in c minor. Although, again the key signature of the second duet doesn't accurately portray the key of c minor.

They are also a bit more fluid in style than the previous pairs. With these two minuets, we come to the end of the section of the book devoted to the duets of Boismortier.