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Queste ragazze No la voglion capir j — battono. Yes, he spoke to me. What said he? Oh, he told me a hundred trifles : Of the fahions of France, — Of the ill health of the child, Marcellina. What note? Oh, come, come!

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You blush — I have guess'd it! How came that finger To be so mark'd with ink? With ink! The devil! But these sheets of paper? There are now but five — there were six. Those sheets? Oh, true : I made use of one of them To send some sweetmeats to Marcellina. Most excellent! And the pen — For what purpese has that been cut?

Confound him! That pen 1 To design a flower on my tambour.

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A flower? A flower. A flower! Ah, you cunning minx!

Francesco Morlacchi - Il Barbiere di Siviglia (1816)

It's true. Enough of this. Sir— v No more — be silent. To a doctor of my rank, These excuses, Signorina, I advise another time That you better should invent.


The sweetmeats for the girl! The embroidery on the tambour! Out of my sight! And is it thus my more than daughter Dares to trifle with me? Why is the paper missing? That I would wish to know. Useless, ma'am, are all your airs — Be still, nor inturrupt me so. Another time, sweet Signorina, When the doctor quits his house, He will carefully provide For the keeping you inside.

Useless now are your grimaces, No one heeds your affectation!

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A vow I make that no one now Shall come within my habitation. And poor innocent Rosina, Disappointed, then may pout : In her room shall she be locked, Till I choose to let her out. Methought just now I heard a noise within this chamber ; It perhaps was the guardian with his ward ; He has never an hour's peace.

These girls Will not hear ; — some one knocks. Alia fine fara qualche stortura? O andera dalla noja in sepoltura.

Ehi di casa! E ubriaco, chi sara! Cosa vuol, Signor Soldato 1 Conte. Qui costui! Siete voi- -aspetta un poco! Siete voi — Dottor Balordo 1 Bar. Che Balordo? Bertoldo — Bar. Che Bertoldo. Eh, andate al diavolo! Dottor Bartolo!

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Ah, bravissimo! Dottor Barbaro ; benissimo ; Gia c' e poca differenza. Non si vede! Quanto tarda! Io gia perdo la pazienza. Qua prudenza ci vorra. Dunque voi — siete Dottore? Son Dottore — si, Signore. Ah, benissimo! Sono anch' io Dottor perfetto, Marescalco al reggimento : Dell' alloggio sul biglietto. Osservate, eccolo qua. Dalla rabbia — dal dispetto Io gia crepo in verita ; Ah ch' io fo se mi ci metto Qualche gran foestialita!

La vendetta di Siviglia (Italian Edition)

Ah, venisse il caro oggetto— Delia mia felioita ; Vieni, vieni ; il tuo diletto, Pien d'amor, t'attende qua. D' ascoltar qua, m' e sembrato, Un' insolito romore.

Un soldato! E' Eosina! Or son contento. Ei mi gttarda, e s' avvicina! Son Lindoro.

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Oh ciel che sento? Ah, giudizio, per pieta! Signorina, che cercate 1 Presto, presto, andate via. Vado, vado, non gridate. Presto, presto, via di qua. Ehi ragazza, vcngo anch' io. Dove, dove, Signor mio 1 Conte.

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In caserma : oh, qucsta e bella! In caserma 1 bagatella! Conte, Cara! Poor girl! Who can this be? Drunken rascal, thus to bellow! Signor Whiskers, what's your will here 1 Count. Stupid puppy! Are not you, sir — but steady — order! Doctor Balordo? What, Balordo 1 Count. No such person. Doctor Bartolo! Doctor Barbaro ; well and good ; The difference, after all, is but trifling. She appears not!