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This new figure of the werewolf does not belong to the realm of magic or witchcraft — its metamorphosis, that is no more physical, but psychological, is explained by medicine and science. In the writings of Cervantes, Burton, and especially Webster, this half-human and half-wolf figure transcends its mythical and demonic werewolf ancestors. Now, doctor, may I visit your patient? If 't please your lordship; but he's instantly To take the air here in the gallery, By my direction. Pray thee, what's his disease? A very pestilent disease, my lord, They call lycanthropia. What's that? I need a dictionary to't.

I'll tell you: In those that are possess'd with't there o'erflows Such melancholy humour they imagine Themselves to be transformed into wolves, Steal forth to churchyards in the dead of night, And dig dead bodies up: as two nights since One met the duke 'bout midnight in a lane Behind Saint Mark's Church, with the leg of a man Upon his shoulder; and he howl'd fearfully; Said he was a wolf, only the difference Was, a wolf's skin was hairy on the outside, His on the inside; bade them take their swords, Rip up his flesh, and try: straight I was sent for, And, having minister'd to him, found his grace Very well recover'd.

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I am glad on't. Doc Yet not without some fear Of a relapse: if he grow to his fit again, I'll go a nearer way to work with him Than ever Paracelsus dream'd of. If They'll give me leave, I'll buffet his madness out of him. Stand aside: he comes. Faites-moi reculer tous ces chiens et que nul ne la touche!

Said he was a wolf, only the difference Was, a wolf's skin was hairy on the outside, His on the inside; bade them take their swords, Rip up his flesh, and try[. Leave me. Why doth your lordship love this solitariness? Eagles commonly fly alone. Bodin en dispute fort amplement en sa Demonomanie, chapitre 6. To which you have vow'd much love […].

Oh, I 'll tell thee: The wolf shall find her grave, and scrape it up, Not to devour the corpse, but to discover The horrid murder.

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You, not I, shall quake for't. Aetius and Paulus call it a kind of melancholy; but I should rather refer it to madness, as most do.

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Some make a doubt of it whether there be any such disease. Donat ab Altomari saith, that he saw two of them in his time: Wierus tells a story of such a one at Padua , that would not believe to the contrary, but that he was a wolf. He hath another instance of a Spaniard, who thought himself a bear; Forrestus confirms as much by many examples; one amongst the rest of which he was an eyewitness, at Alcmaer in Holland, a poor husbandman that still hunted about graves, and kept in churchyards, of a pale, black, ugly, and fearful look.

Such belike, or little better, were king Praetus' daughters, that thought themselves kine.

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And Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel, as some interpreters hold, was only troubled with this kind of madness. He that is desirous to hear of this disease, or more examples, let him read Austin in his 18th book de Civitate Dei, cap. Mizaldus, cent. Une momie! D' Andrea Lynn Beck Bonjour, le jour! D' Andrea Lynn Beck Bonne nuit, je t'aime! De Caroline Jayne Church Bonne nuit, les camions!

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Niveau 1 : J'adore les couleurs! Niveau 1 : Je me suis perdu! Niveau 1 : Je n'aime pas le vent! Niveau 1 : Je n'aime pas les brutes!

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Niveau 1 : Je n'aime pas les dodos! Niveau 1 : Je n'aime pas ma boucle! Niveau 1 : Je n'aime pas partager! Niveau 1 : Je veux aider! Niveau 1 : Moi, le feu Niveau 1 : Pieuvre, qui es-tu? Niveau 2 : Hic!