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EGEE enters second phase. Growing beyond our pilot application areas of HEP and biomedicine, we now see increasing use by researchers from other fields.

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Recently we've added finance and fusion to the list of disciplines we support, and we are always looking for new users. The second decade. For the Occasion of the 10th anniversary of its publication, we have planned several changes and modifications.

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These includes increasing the annual issues to four and omission of Introduction of Previously-Published Papers in International Journals section. In this article some statistical information of the published articles is given together with the index of the journals referees.

As we enter the second decade of our publication, we face several questions. In this article we share these questions with our readers in the hope of finding the best possible solutions, so that we would be able to publish a better journal in future. Second harmonic generation microscopy. Myofibers and collagen show non-linear optical properties enabling imaging using second harmonic generation SHG microscopy.

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The technique is evaluated for use as a tool for real-time studies of thermally induced changes in thin samples of unfixed and unstained pork. The forward and the backward At this temperature the SHG signal becomes extinct. SHG microscopy of collagen fibers reveals a variability of thermal Segundos mensajeros Second messengers. This review schematically describes the different mechanisms of action that Second Messengers employ to stimulate receptors and then Initiate a chain of reactions that finally lead to appropriate cellular responses.

The second quantum revolution. The development of quantum mechanics has now reached such a level that we can consider its promising applications in various fields as a looming second quantum revolution. The classical computer that relies on logical gates is out, now quantum properties open the way to new machines that will simulate nature's events exactly, this will be possible because both nature and the machine will be quantum. The machine will mimic nature and some problems like high temperature superconductivity that resist any modelling will be reproduced easily and then put within hand reach to be understood.

Another application is quantum imaging based on the property of quantum entanglement. In the case of 2 entangled particle beams, the measurement of the properties of one beam fixes the values on the other beam. In other words, in case of entangled fluctuations, the measurement of the fluctuations on one beam fixes the value of the fluctuations on the other beam and by subtracting them on the second beam, we get a more accurate result: we have made the background noise disappear.

The most known application of quantum mechanics is cryptography to assure the security of information transfer. Various systems have proved its efficiency but this technology is hampered by the damping of the signal in optical fibers and is reliable on distances shorter than a few hundreds kilometers. This article focuses on the ideas of the Bavarian priest Georg Moenius who saw the Roman Catholic Church as the necessary tool to spiritually restore the European civilization in times of the crisis of the interwar period.

Pacifist and virulent opponent of all nationalism and soon especially of the national-socialism, he took leave of his diocese and expressed his thoughts through travel books containing his impressions of Italy and of France. It was planned from the outset that a second buying agent would be brought in to handle the remaining product families. Each buying agent will have its own specific list of product families and will handle purchasing requests up to 10' CHF. Whenever possible they will provide the requested supplies at a price including the cost of their own services which must be equivalent to or lower than the price mentioned on the purchasing request, changing the supplier if necessary.

If a lower price cannot be obtained, agents will provide the necessary administrative support free of charge. To ensure that all orders are processed in the best possible conditions, us Natural Hazards, Second Edition. Natural disaster loss is on the rise, and the vulnerability of the human and physical environment to the violent forces of nature is increasing.

In many parts of the world, disasters caused by natural hazards such as earthquakes, floods, landslides, drought, wildfires, intense windstorms, tsunami, and volcanic eruptions have caused the loss of human lives, injury, homelessness, and the destruction of economic and social infrastructure. Over the last few years, there has been an increase in the occurrence, severity, and intensity of disasters, culminating with the devastating tsunami of 26 December in South East Asia.

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  7. Natural hazards are often unexpected or uncontrollable natural events of varying magnitude. Understanding their mechanisms and assessing their distribution in time and space are necessary for refining risk mitigation measures. This second edition of Natural Hazards, following a first edition published in by Cambridge University Press , written by Edward Bryant, associate dean of science at Wollongong University, Australia, grapples with this crucial issue, aspects of hazard prediction, and other issues.

    The book presents a comprehensive analysis of different categories of hazards of climatic and geological origin. Instrumental analysis, second edition. The second edition of Instrumental Analysis is a survey of the major instrument-based methods of chemical analysis. It appears to be aimed at undergraduates but would be equally useful in a graduate course. The volume explores all of the classical quantitative methods and contains sections on techniques that usually are not included in a semester course in instrumentation such as electron spectroscopy and the kinetic methods.

    Adequate coverage of all of the methods contained in this book would require several semesters of focused study. The 25 chapters were written by different authors, yet the style throughout the book is more uniform than in the earlier edition. With the exception of a two-chapter course in analog and digital circuits, the book purports to de-emphasize instrumentation, focusing more on the theory behind the methods and the application of the methods to analytical problems.

    However, a detailed analysis of the instruments used in each method is by no means absent. The book has the favor of a user's guide to analysis. Second Nuclear Era. Mellon Foundation has studied the decline of the present nuclear era in the United States and the characteristics of a Second Nuclear Era which might be instrumental in restoring nuclear power to an appropriate place in the energy options of our country. The study has determined that reactors operating today are much safer than they were at the time of the TMI accident.

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    A number of concepts for a supersafe reactor were reviewed and at least two were found that show considerable promise, the PIUS, a Swedish pressurized water design, and a gas-cooled modular design of German and US origin. Although new, safer, incrementally improved, conventional reactors are under study by the nuclear industry, the complete lack of new orders in the United States will slow their introduction and they are likely to be more expensive than present designs.

    The study recommends that supersafe reactors be taken seriously and that federal and private funds both be used to design and, if feasible, to build a prototype reactor of substantial size. Tokamaks Second Edition. The first edition of John Wesson's book on tokamaks, published in , established itself as essential reading for researchers in the field of magnetic confinement fusion: it was an excellent introduction for students to tokamak physics and also a valuable reference work for the more experienced.

    The second edition, published in , has been completely rewritten and substantially enlarged pages compared with The new edition maintains the aim of providing a simple introduction to basic tokamak physics, but also includes discussion of the substantial advances in fusion research during the past decade. The new book, like its predecessor, is well written and commendable for its clarity and accuracy.

    In fact many of the chapters are written by a series of co-authors bringing the benefits of a wide range of expertise but, by careful editing, Wesson has maintained a uniformity of style and presentation. The chapter headings and coverage for the most part remain the same - but are expanded considerably and brought up to date. This is an excellent book, which I strongly recommend should have a place - on the desk rather than in the bookshelf - of researchers in magnetic confinement fusion. In seguito, viene nominato Ispettore capo veterinario e Responsabile per la politica di controllo delle frontiere.

    Nel , Louis sposa Janine, moglie affezionata che lo appoggia con ardore in ogni fase della sua carriera e perde la vita in un incidente un mese prima che il marito vada in pensione nel Rieletto nel , si ritira dalla vita lavorativa nel Turning around Newton's Second Law. Conceptual and quantitative difficulties surrounding Newton's second law often arise among introductory physics students.

    Les élites rurales du monde musulman méditerranéen

    Simply turning around how one expresses Newton's second law may assist students in their understanding of a deceptively simple-looking equation. Second Languages in Primary Education. A book on second languages in primary education, designed to assist both classroom teachers and language specialists, is presented. The following topics are addressed: 1 reasons for studying a second language; 2 reasons for children to learn a second language; 3 language choices; 4 qualifications of teachers; 5 FLES, bilingual education,….

    Quantum Computing and Second Quantization. Quantum computers are by their nature many particle quantum systems. Both the many-particle arrangement and being quantum are necessary for the existence of the entangled states, which are responsible for the parallelism of the quantum computers. Second quantization is a very important approximate method of describing such systems.

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    This lecture will present the general idea of the second quantization, and discuss shortly some of the most important formulations of second quantization. Second trimester abortions in India. This article gives an overview of what is known about second trimester abortions in India, including the reasons why women seek abortions in the second trimester, the influence of abortion law and policy, surgical and medical methods used, both safe and unsafe, availability of services, requirements for second trimester service delivery, and barriers women experience in accessing second trimester services.

    Based on personal experiences and personal communications from other doctors since , when I began working as an abortion provider, the practical realities of second trimester abortion and case histories of women seeking second trimester abortion are also described. Recommendations include expanding the cadre of service providers to non-allopathic clinicians and trained nurses, introducing second trimester medical abortion into the public health system, replacing ethacridine lactate with mifepristone-misoprostol, values clarification among providers to challenge stigma and poor treatment of women seeking second trimester abortion, and raising awareness that abortion is legal in the second trimester and is mostly not requested for reasons of sex selection.

    Second -home electricity consumption. Andersen, Frits M. Box , DK Horsholm Denmark. In Denmark, electricity consumption in first and second homes has developed quite differently. Since , electricity consumption in ordinary residences has grown moderately, while consumption in weekend and second homes has increased considerably. In turn, this development has been blamed on a growing number of luxury cottages, new legislation permitting senior citizens to have their permanent address in their second home and a growing number of electric appliances. In order to examine the growing electricity consumption in second homes and to estimate future demand, a multidisciplinary study combining top-down and bottom-up analyses was conducted, i.

    The top-down estimation showed that changes in electricity consumption in second homes correlate to changes in income. The bottom-up estimation showed that consumption was mainly affected by the frequency with which second homes were used in the winter time.

    This indicates that additional second homes, increased full-time use and intensified use of electric appliances are the main reasons for the observed increases in electricity consumption. Luxury tourism use and senior citizens' that use a few per cent of the second homes as their home contribute to a minor degree to the overall increase of electricity consumption.

    Scenarios show that this development may accelerate with increased leisure time, increased use and more permanent settlement in second homes. Motivation and Second Language Learning.

    Quelques Mots sur la colonisation militaire en Algérie (inédit & annoté) (French Edition)

    Motivation, which is one of the individual differences, contributes a lot to the success and failure in second language learning. This essay focus on the discussion of the definition, types, effect and implications of motivation in second language learning with the aim of promoting learners' learning proficiency. Web Tools: The Second Generation. Web 2. Many Web 2. The second -generation tools are growing in popularity…. Age and Second Language Acquisition.

    Reviews the age factor in second language learning.